Monday, June 24, 2019

Tuttle Creek Reservoir on the rise again!

After dropping several feet, both the Big Blue River at Blue Rapids and Tuttle Creek Reservoir are on the rise again.

The Big Blue River at Blue Rapids had crested at 61.31 ft on May 31.  By June 16 it had dropped back down to 53.96 ft.  Today it is back up to 57.26 ft and projected to crest at 59.6 ft at 1am on June 27.  As a result, Vista RD east of town is again under water.  The first photograph below is Vista RD west of the RR crossing taken this morning.  The second photo shows the previous water line at that location.  The third photo shows Vista RD south of the RR crossing, taken yesterday afternoon.

At 1pm this afternoon Tuttle Creek Reservoir was at 1131.91 ft.  The Flood Control Storage space was at 88.68% of capacity and the lake area was 50,251 acres.  The area of the lake at a normal pool elevation of 1075 ft is 10,900 acres.

Tuttle Creek crested at 1135.82 ft on May 31.  At that time the Flood Control Storage space was at 99.49% of capacity and the lake area was 53,958 acres.  On June 14 the lake elevation had dropped to 1128.60 ft (80.1% of Flood Storage Capacity).  There were 10 days when the discharge at the Outlet Works or "the tubes" was 20,000 cfs or greater.  Six of those days the output was 30,000 cfs.

The most recent inflow at Tuttle Creek was 48,200 cfs and the average daily outflow was 7,218 cfs.  The outflow was reportedly going to be decreased from 10,000 cfs to 200 cfs yesterday.  The 3 day prediction shows an outflow of 200 cfs today, 5,000 cfs on Tuesday, June 25, 8,000 cfs on Wednesday, and 10,000 cfs on Friday.

Today the USGS guage on the Big Blue River near Manhattan (south of the lake) was showing a backwater condition and therefore no streamflow being reported.  The streamflow of the Missouri River at Waverly, MO at 2pm this afternoon was 221.000 cfs.  Waverly, MO is the downstream target that detemines how much water can be released from Tuttle Creek and other reservoirs on the Kansas River.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony

On Saturday, June 8 a group of Girl Scouts from Troops 622 and 1616 from the Waterville, Blue Rapids, and Marysville area rode the rails west from Waterville to “Somewhere” for a bridging ceremony.  Bridging is a ceremony to recognize a girl scouts progression from one age level to the next.

Photo Credit:  Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Blue Rapids Community Foundation Circle of Giving Match Day

The Marshall County Railroad Historical Society was one of 15 organizations that participated in the first annual Circle of Giving Match Day.  MCRHS collected $1,645 from 14 donors.  Additional information will be provided when it becomes available.

 For complete information on the match day results visit the BRCF match day web site at

Thank you to all who supported the Blue Rapids Community in this fund raising effort.

2019 Flood Fact Sheet

Just some interesting data regarding Tuttle Creek Reservoir and the 2019 Flood

Sunday, June 2, 2019

The flood rides over the Big Blue River at Blue Rapids, Kansas have been a huge success.  We had two rides on Wednesday, May 29 and three on Sunday, June 2.  The Big Blue River at Blue Rapids crested at 61.31ft on Friday, May 31 and was down about a foot by Sunday, June 2.

Bridge photo courtesy of Sandy Harding